Specialist vocal and singing training,
artist and performance coaching.

Vocal Foundations : Singing and Performance Coaching
Where singers and artists come to learn, train and take action on their dream.

Get the right information with dedicated coaching to help your voice and your performance shine!
Vocal Foundations is not your every day singing school. Hi, my name is Greg van Bergen and I'm here to provide personalised vocal/singing training and dedicated singer/songwriter/artist coaching for passionate indivduals who truly want to learn more about themselves and their voice. Explore how your “voice box” really works. Develop long lasting skills with personalised training plans. Learn to help the artist in you move through fear, self limitations and explore your performance values and creative goals.

I believe in providing an unbiased, safe and comfortable environment where voice production and artist development can be explored, discussed, practiced and controlled.  Located at 604/408 Burwood Highway Wantirna South, Vocal Foundations is there to help you discover, focus and refine the singer and artist in you.
"I am a specialist vocal trainer and performance coach who helps singers, songwriters and artists develop their technical skills and mental awareness, so that they can move through fear and shine in front of an audience".   - Greg van Bergen

(Photo: Brooke Shearer - VF Client / Singer and Songwriter)
The Vocal Foundations Service
Your personalised Vocal Foundations experience with coach, Greg van Bergen.
  1. Vocal/Singing Training
    Everyone has different abilities, ages and backgrounds. Specialised and personalised vocal training is the perfect way to ensure that the focus is on you and your voice. Learn how to 'play' your instrument by understanding your larynx and how to make the sounds you want. Moving through technique to application, I will work with you one on one to ensure that each session and your training are meeting your vocal needs.
  2. Artist / Performer Coaching
    Move from the dream and concept to the reality of a performer. I will work one on one with you to develop good performance habits and practices. We will work through your strengths, self-limitations and mindsets, and set a specific program to help achieve your goal. This is a great way to develop your own value and identity as an artist.
  3. Over 13 Years Experience
    My experience reflects over 13 years of working as a vocal trainer within the industry. Specialising in voice mechanics and physiology, I am a qualified trainer and assessor and my skills are recognised in commercial and musical theatre voice training courses in Melbourne. I also works within the secondary school environment with up and coming young contemporary musicians.
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Is Vocal Foundations for you?

I'm a passionate coach who lives to work one on one with individuals who have a passion for singing and performing.
You may have never had a singing lesson in your life. That doesn't matter! What does matter is that you have a strong desire to learn more about your voice, your performance and very importantly, yourself.

I'm ready if you're ready!

Greg van Bergen
Vocal trainer, performance coach and owner at Vocal Foundations