Vocal Foundations

Specialist vocal training,
artist and performance coaching.

Where singer songwriters and vocalists
come to learn, train and take action to become their own artist.

    "I've conquered years of fear around singing, found parts of my voice I never knew existed..." 
                                                                                                                                                                                                       (Edward Willoughby - Singer / Songwriter) .                        
The Vocal Foundations Service

Vocal Foundations provides specialised vocal/singing training and artist coaching to passionate singer-songwriters and vocalists who truly need to know how to achieve more with their voices. With over a decade of professional industry training experience, Vocal Foundation's in-person and online singing lesson training packages help singer-songwriters and vocalists like you get more out of your voice.

  • Understand how your voice works and moves.
  • Deliver long lasting, safe and reliable techniques.
  • Increase your range and i mprove your breathing
  • ​Learn voice projection and intensity (including belting)
  • Have more artistic vocal choices

Achieve more than just "one way" of singing by developing long lasting technical skills that are tailored to your artistic needs. Your larynx “the voice box” is a complex and dynamical instrument that has the amazing capability to sing any style and genre imaginable. Receive detailed and personalised training plans to assist your on-going vocal training. Help the artist in you move through fear, self-limitations and explore your performance values and creative goals with one of my training packages.
IN PERSON + ONLINE singing lesson training packages
"I am a specialist vocal trainer and performance coach who helps singer-songwriters and vocalists develop their technical skills, identity and mental awareness, so that they can move through fear and become an authentic artist in front of their audiences".   
- Greg van Bergen
Is Vocal Foundations for you?

I'm a passionate coach who lives to work one on one with singer-songwriters and vocalists who have a passion for becoming the best version of themselves as an artist.

I believe in providing an unbiased, safe and comfortable environment where voice production and artist development can be explored, discussed, practiced and controlled.  Located at 604/408 Burwood Highway Wantirna South, Vocal Foundations is there to help you discover, focus and refine the singer and artist in you.

You may have never had a singing lesson in your life. That doesn't matter! What does matter is that you have a strong desire to learn more about your voice, your performance and very importantly, yourself.

I'm ready if you're ready!

Greg van Bergen
Vocal trainer, performance coach and owner at Vocal Foundations
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